What’s going on?


January 2024

Prof. Sanidhya Kashyap from EPFL visits CASPER.

December 2023

Prof. Moin from Georgia Tech visits CASPER.

November 2023

Prof. Krithi Ramamritam Award for Creative Research 2022 to Biswa for his research on computer architecture.

October 2023

DDIO-sim, a simulator for high-speed network and micro-architecture by Hari accepted at HiPC 23.

October 2023

Gururaj Saileshwar visits CASPER. Talk on Securing Processors against Side-Channel Attacks CPU Caches, Schedulers and Beyond and group lunch.

October 2023

Khushang Singla joined CASPER. Welcome.

August 2023

Drishyam, an image prefetcher by Shubdeep accepted at top-tier PACT 23.

August 2023

Naman, Nishkarsh, Prerna and Ravi joined CASPER. Welcome.

July 2023

Fusion of prefetching and criticality CLIP for servers, accepted at flagship MICRO 23.

March 2023

Adwait Jog visits CASPER. Talk on GPU security and reliability and group lunch.

March 2023

CASPER@Wankhede for IND vs AUS cricket match :)

December 2022

Saurabh defended his Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations Dr. Saurabh. Time for a postdoc :)

November 2022

Biswa receives Google India Research Award. Thanks Google Research.

July 2022

Avenger accepted at SEED 2022.

July 2022

Aman, Girish, and Prajeeth joined CASPER. Welcome.

July 2022

Berti, a timely and accurate L1 prefetcher accepted at the flagship MICRO 2022. First paper at MICRO from IIT Bombay. More to come!!

April 2022

Sheetal, Ramya, and Shubdeep joined CASPER as interns funded by Google.

March 2022

Biswa receives 2022 Qualcomm Faculty Award. Thanks Qualcomm.