Welcome to CASPER: Computer Architecture for Security and Performance Research group!

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Ever wondered what components make a processor chip? How do these components interact with each other? What can be done to make the processor execute your programs faster? Why do we need caches in the memory hierarchy? Why worry about OS-architecture interaction? Why worry about security when there are already software and OS-level protection mechanisms?

We, the CASPER Research Group, are a group of passionate folks from Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, who ponders about similar questions and whose research includes, but is not limited to, methodologies to make the systems more robust against microarchitecture-level attacks and to further improve the performance of modern-day systems!

CASPER is one of the groups in India that does top-quality computer architecture/systems research and publishes at flagship conferences. This ensures India’s presence on the global map of computer architecture/systems research. Thanks to Qualcomm, Google Research, Intel Labs, NXP, and Trust Lab for all the support.

We also have a weekly reading group to discuss interesting computer architecture topics. Click here for more details.

Join us for a monthly online talk series on top-quality computer systems research by Indian students. Click here for more details.


July 2024

Secure prefetching for secure cache systems by Sumon accepted at the flagship MICRO 2024. Kudos !!

June 2024

Sumon successfully defended his MS thesis.

June 2024

Prof. Moin from Georgia Tech visits CASPER.

March 2024

The Maya Cache by Anubhav and Navneet accepted at the flagship ISCA 2024. This is the first ISCA paper from IITB. A student-author paper from IITs after a gap of 44 years. Kudos!!

March 2024

Sumon won the best presentation in the computer systems track at RISC.

February 2024

A lightweight Rowhammer tracker by Aman accepted at the top-tier HOST 2024.

February 2024

Anish Saxena from Georgia Tech visits CASPER.

January 2024

Prof. Sanidhya Kashyap from EPFL visits CASPER.

December 2023

Prof. Moin from Georgia Tech visits CASPER.

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