Welcome to CASPER: Computer Architecture for Security and Performance Research group!

Ever wondered what components make a processor chip ? How do these components interact with each other ? What can be done to make the the processor execute your programs faster ? Why do we need caches in the memory hierarchy ? Why worry about OS-architecture interaction? Why worry about security when there are already software and OS level protection mechanisms?

We, CASPER Research Group, are a group of folks from Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, who ponder about similar questions and whose research includes, but is not limited to, methodologies to make the systems more robust against microarchitecture-level attacks (Spectre kinda) and to further improve the performance of modern-day processors!

The group has started in May 2021 at IIT Bombay and a lot is on the way from us… Please do get in touch with any group member for more about CASPER. Thanks to Qualcomm, Google Research, Intel labs, NXP, and Trust Lab for all the support.